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In today's sophisticated real estate market, choosing a realtor is a very important decision, given the complex issues surrounding real estate transactions and the unexpected challenges that could adversely affect the finality of a contract. Since real estate agents generally function as independent contractors within an agency, the professionalism, integrity, knowledge and level of service one would likely expect depends primarily on the ability of the individual agent, not the agency. For an in-depth overview of my expertise and broad real estate related experience simply click on About Me.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Since a home is a major investment, you should not expect anything less than an experienced full-time agent who not only represents you as your sale’s agent, but also acts as a consultant and treats you like a business partner, while keeping your best interests in mind above all else. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting sellers in many cases hire an agent without really knowing who they're actually getting. In other words, sellers just assume they're hiring an experienced full-time agent, when in reality the agent may be inexperienced and/or may actually be in the business on a part time basis, while squeezing in real estate around another primary job and/or social activities.

We all know that all properties eventually sell no matter who represents you, however, the level of service, communication skills and contract negotiation ability can very well affect the length of time a property remains on the market, the successful completion of a contract, and ultimately your bottom line. In general, most people simply assume agents negotiate and write contacts in an appropriate manner in order to protect their best interests, which may not always be the case. Unbeknownst to many sellers, an agent’s ability and/or knowledge may be lacking in order to do so, or in some cases, an agent negotiates and writes a contract without certain protective language incorporated in order to streamline the process, which may benefit the agent via a quick commission, but not necessarily the seller.

Marketing Your Home

Effectively marketing a property in today’s high tech environment is a full time ongoing effort, therefore, the process is much more involved than simply suggesting a value just to secure a listing and posting it on the MLS and/or in a periodical and waiting for results. Any agent can list a property; however, not all agents possess the ability and/or knowledge to fully utilize all the tools at hand in order to effectively promote a listing to the fullest extent.

The World Wide Web along with its vast resources has overwhelmingly become the primary component in today’s high tech environment for successfully and efficiently marketing one’s property. Even though I still utilize print advertising to some extent, it’s becoming substantially less effective as a marketing tool in today’s internet dominated world. With this in mind, your agent should have a strong working knowledge of the Web as a means to maximize property exposure to the fullest extent since the internet is where over 90% of buyers start their research. You should always keep in mind that marketing creates awareness while the price combined with your agent’s business sense and negotiating ability is what ultimately results in the successful sale of your property.

Despite opinions to the contrary, I strongly believe assisted showings and open houses conducted by the listing agent are an integral part of the sales process since who should know more about your property than your own agent. Of course this is assuming your listing agent has taken the time to learn everything there is to know about your property. The lack of property knowledge present at a showing could very well cause the loss of a potential buyer to a competitive listing due to pertinent questions going unanswered. In many cases sellers don’t realize their home is being shown on behalf of the listing agent by assistants and/or other agents who may or may not have the experience one would expect and/or possess little or no knowledge about their property.


1.) Fully utilizing the World Wide Web to maximize property exposure through a wide scope of online listing partners.

2.) Establishing links between the various real estate websites so potential buyers have quick and easy access to complete property details and agent contact information.

3.) Continuously confirming that all online property details are accurate, complete and up-to-date.

4.) Uploading multiple quality photos to all accessible sites.

5.) The creation of a customized property specific web page for easy viewing.

6.) Creating a customized web based integrated virtual tour for each property.

7.) Selective advertising through a widely circulated real estate publication.

8.) Utilizing Social Media to further promote property exposure.

Moving Out of State

If you are selling your home and moving out of state I'd be happy to assist you with locating a real estate professional proficient in the area of the country you will be settling in.