The Home Buying Process

From the initial consultation, to planning your search, to guiding you through closing, I am are here to help. Simply click on any of the photo or text links below to start learning about the home buying process in detail.

Finding the Right Home

Obtaining a Mortgage: Learn about pre-approval, types of mortgages, and more.

What is a Short Sale?: If you're considering buying a short sale listing, read this article to fully understand how these listings work.

Buying New Construction: Buying a brand new home is a great way to get everything on your "must have" list. Read about the various factors to consider when building a home.

What is a REO Property?: Real Estate Owned (REO) properties can be an opportunity to find a home at a great price, but it's important to be aware of all the benefits and challenges this type of listing has to offer.

Choosing the Right Community: Type of community is just as important as the type of property when you are house hunting. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you search.

House Hunting Tips: Make your search easier and more streamlined with these tips.

Offers and Closing

Home Inspection Importance: Having a home inspected is key to make sure you know what you are buying. Learn how to find an inspector, what will be checked, and what the report ultimately means.

How to Negotiate the Price on a Home: You've found the right home and want to put in a offer. Learn how to make a good first offer, the risks of lowballing, and factors that lead to offer rejection.

Closing on a Home: Congratualtions, you've made it to the closing table! Here is what to expect.

Moving Checklist: Keep yourself organized and plan ahead to make moving a little easier.